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Best Coffee Shops In Birmingham

If you’re an avid coffee drinker who enjoys hanging out with friends at local coffee shops, it’s time that you visited the best coffee shops in Birmingham. Let’s take a closer look at some of the amazing coffee shops in the Birmingham area and all they have to offer. O’Henry’s Coffees Known... [read more]

Celebrate the Fall Season at these Birmingham Coffee Shops

fresh tasty cups of coffee
Birmingham is enjoying plenty of steady growth - and with that growth comes more coffee beans that are needed to supply the increasing demand. Second only to gas, coffee is the most exchanged good. Everyone has their own favorite flavor and there are plenty of other options in Birmingham for... [read more]

Where to Get Your Caffeine Fix This Fall

Birmingham is loaded with great coffee shops and cafes! Check out our list of recommended places to try this Fall! Seeds Coffee Co. Seeds Coffee Company began when a group of friends started roasting coffee in their kitchen using a Whirly Pop popcorn roaster. What originally started out as a hobby quickly... [read more]