Dessert Recipes To Try This Season

Dessert Recipes To Try This Season

It is getting warmer as summer begins to roll in. While you may look for ways to stay cool outside, it does not mean you cannot heat things up in the kitchen. With backyard barbecues, days by the pool or on the lake, summer birthdays, and picnics, you are going to want something sweet. Summer is the perfect time to perfect your tart making skills as there are so many wonderful flavors to savor. Here are six dessert tart recipes to try.

Blackberry Tart

Berry tarts are mouthwatering treats, and this Blackberry Tart is bursting with flavor. The key is using fresh blackberries which are complemented with tangy lemon juice and lemon zest. While you can opt to use a store-bought, pre-made tart shell, you will get major bonus points from your friends and family for using the recipe to make a homemade crust.

French Pear Tart Recipe

There are many recipes for apple tarts, but you can get a little adventurous by using pears instead of apples. This French Pear Tart Recipe. With fresh sliced pears and a delicious fig preserve, you get a tart that is filled with fruity goodness. You can also make a simple crust with only four ingredients.

Limoncello Lemon Tart

In the tart world, lemons are commonly used. There are several lemon tart variations, but this Limoncello Lemon Tart truly takes the cake or rather tart. While it provides a sour, tart, and tangy flavor from the lemon zest and juice, the limoncello and condensed milk offer the tart a subtle sweetness. The filling of the tart pairs well with the crust that is made from Graham crackers, coconut, sugar, and butter.

Raspberry Chocolate Tart

Strawberry and chocolate may be pals, but raspberry and chocolate are best friends. You can experience how these flavors complement one another in this decadent Raspberry Chocolate Tart. Enjoy the indulging chocolate ganache filling that is smooth and creamy. This is paired with a rich chocolate Oreo crust. The highlight is the fresh raspberries that are placed on the top of the chocolate tart.

Traditional Treacle Tart

Play it old school by making this Traditional Treacle Tart.  Across the pond, treacle desserts are a classic favorite. You can see why the British love this sweet flavor when you make this tart. The treacle is lifted with fresh lemon juice and zest.

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Cherry Bakewell Blondies

If you want to stick with traditional British bakes and flavors, then you will want to try these Cherry Bakewell Blondies. This dessert is actually two in one with raspberry blondies and mini Cherry Bakewell Tarts. With ingredients like butter, brown sugar, and eggs, the blondies are rich, gooey, and delicious. The white chocolate chips and raspberry jam provide a delightful flavor to the blondie base. After making the blondie base, you then can top the base with mini Cherry Bakewell Tarts. Of course, you could take the time to make your own Bakewell tarts, or save yourself a step by using a package of store-bought Cherry Bakewell Tarts.

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