Mutts Take the Stage with the Birmingham Ballet in “Mutt-cracker”


You’ve seen The Nutcracker, and now, it’s time to see The Mutt-cracker. The Birmingham Ballet’s The Mutt-cracker is just like the Nutcracker, but it has dogs. The Mutt-cracker will be at the BJCC Concert Hall on Dec. 15, and a portion of the ticket sales will go to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. This performance has become a holiday tradition, and it’s made headlines nationwide. Get the scoop on The Mutt-cracker and pick up your tickets today.

Mutts, Purebreds, and Humans Share the Stage

Mutts, purebreds, and humans all share the stage during The Mutt-cracker. In some cases, the dogs are part of the choreography. Other times, they’re just cute additions to the scene. The humans act out the scenes, but the dogs add a new dimension that is adorable. If you love dogs, your heart will melt when you watch the performance.

Improvising Is Part of the Script

Even well-trained dogs are known to do their own thing from time to time. It happens with your pup at home, and it happens with the dogs in The Mutt-cracker. That just makes it more fun. The dancers know they might have to improvise from time to time based on what the canine actors do.

The improvising took a funny turn during a performance several years ago. One of the pups decided to relieve himself on stage, as dogs will do. The trainer was on hand to help with the dogs. She dressed as a maid, walked on stage, and cleaned it up. The show went on, and that dog didn’t relieve himself again during the performance.

There have been other instances of the dogs not doing what they’re supposed to do during a scene. When that happens, it’s up to the actors to change their performances. They are so skilled at it that you won’t even realize they have made changes. It’s like the kids up there are pros even when working with the pups.

The Nutcracker Is Also Coming

If you want to see the classic version of The Nutcracker, the Birmingham Ballet also has you covered. It’ll perform the classic ballet on Dec. 16–18. There won’t be any pups in this performance, but it will still be incredibly entertaining.

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