Spend a Saturday at the Pepper Place Indoor Market

Pepper Place Indoor Market

The Pepper Place Winter (Indoor) Market was such a hit last year that it’s come back yet again. The Pepper Place Indoor Market will be every Saturday through April 7. Then, the outdoor market will open the following Saturday. The indoor market starts at 7 a.m. and lasts until noon, rain or shine. It’s located in the indoor space next to the Cantina Tortilla Grill.

The Details

The Pepper Place Indoor Market isn’t quite as big as the outdoor market, but it still manages to pack a lot into the space. Up to 20 vendors can sell their goods at the indoor market, and just like the outdoor market, those vendors are a mix of farmers, food vendors, and craftspeople. You can pick up some bread and pastries, get some coffee, and even chow down on breakfast burritos. Then, of course, you can get those fresh fruits and vegetables that you think of when it comes to the Pepper Place Market.

How Do Farmers Grow Fresh Produce in Winter?

People at the Pepper Place Indoor Market all seem to have the same question. How do farmers come up with so much fresh produce in the winter weather? Well, farming has come a long way over the years, and now, they use high tunnels, greenhouses, and additional techniques to grow their items.

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Music and Seating

When you go to the Pepper Place Outdoor Market, you like to hang out, and you can still do that at the indoor market. There will be seating both inside and outside of the building, and there will also be music. That’ll encourage you to stay awhile. Grab some food and beverages, find a seat, and listen to the music.

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