What Does My Warning Light Mean? What Your Toyota is Telling You

Toyota Warning Lights

Halfway home, your dashboard started lighting up, and you don’t know what the symbol means. This happens to everybody at some point, and you may be putting yourself in danger if you ignore these yellow lights. Take your vehicle to the service department at Limbaugh Toyota to check out possible malfunctioning systems. Here are some of the more common indicator lights that may appear on Toyota models.

Stop the Vehicle Immediately and Contact your Toyota Dealer

Toyota Warning Lights - Stop the Vehicle


Automatic Transmission Fluid Temperature is having problems.
– If light stays on, the temperature is too high.
– If light flashes, the automatic transmission system is malfunctioning.


Brake System issues.
– There may be either a malfunction in the brake system or low brake fluid.
– Light also comes on if parking brake is not released, with accompanying buzzer.


Charging System is malfunctioning. The vehicle may have been damaged, and an accident could result from driving further.



Auto High Beam is malfunctioning, as indicated by a yellow warning light.



Electric Power Steering system is malfunctioning. Usually accompanied by buzzer.




Blind Spot Monitor is malfunctioning.




Vehicle Stability Control or Traction Control systems are malfunctioning, and may cause dangerous slipping.



OK to Drive After Correcting


Toyota Warning Lights - Correct and Drive

Dynamic Torque-Control AWD system issues.
– If light blinks, the system has been overloaded. Drop your speed or stop the vehicle (but leave the engine running) until blinking stops.
– If light stays on, system is malfunctioning and should be checked by your Toyota dealer.


Fuel is low. Refuel and cruise on down the road.



Tire Pressure Issue
– If light comes on and stays on, adjust tire pressure to PSI recommended by manual.
– If light blinks for 1 minute and stays on, there is a malfunction in the Tire Pressure Warning System. Have it checked by your Toyota Dealer.


Vehicle is due for regularly scheduled maintenance.
– About 4500 miles after last maintenance, light illuminates for about 3 seconds and then flashes for about 15 seconds.
– About 5000 miles after last maintenance, light comes on and stays on.


Basic Indicator Lights

Toyota Warning Lights - Basic Indicators

Engine Immobilizer/Alarm system engages and indicator light flashes after the key is removed. Light will stop flashing once the registered key is inserted in engine switch.



Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control may need to be turned off to free vehicle if it gets stuck in snow or mud. To turn it off, press and hold button for more than 3 seconds while vehicle is stopped. Once free, press the button again to turn these important safety systems back on.


Consult your manual or find you vehicle here to find out what every light on your dash means. If your Toyota is malfunctioning, take it to Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama, to be checked out for your safety.