Down the Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road

Vulcan Materials Company Family Series will be presenting two performances of “Down the Yellow Brick Road” on Saturday and Sunday, May 12 – 13, 2018 at the Odess Theater at Alys Stephens Center.

Down the Yellow Brick Road is written by local actor/playwright Jerry Sims and adapted from L. Frank Baum’s book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” This is a family-friendly show that involves audience participation, so be sure to bring the kids out! Down the Yellow Brick Road “offers charming lessons on self-confidence, friendship and courage,” according to the Alys Stephens Center website.

Buy Tickets to Down the Yellow Brick Road

Tickets can be purchased for both Saturday and Sunday performances of Down the Yellow Brick Road online. Prices are $15 per adult and $10 for children and students.

About the Alys Stephens Center

The Alys Stephens Center was founded in 1996 in tribute to the late Mrs. Alys Robinson Stephens. Mrs. Stephens was a well-known supporter of the arts in the Birmingham area.

The Center became home to the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and UAB’s department of music and theatre shortly after opening. It also serves as a hub for arts and education in the region and attracts over 100,000 visitors on an annual basis.

The Alys Stephens Center is an important conduit for delivering cultural and arts experiences to residents in and around Birmingham, AL. Half of the center’s yearly budget comes from the support of members in the community.

Consider a donation to the Alys Stephens Center to ensure that they can continue their mission and enrich the lives of others through the arts and with performances like Down the Yellow Brick Road.

Tips & Suggestions for Enjoying the Show

A live performance like Down the Yellow Brick Road is a special occasion and the hosting venue and performers appreciate the attendance of courteous patrons of the arts. Here are some guidelines to follow that will ensure everyone has a great time at the show:

  • All Electronic Devices on Vibrate: While this one may seem obvious, it’s surprising how many forget to do it before the show starts. Nothing is more distracting for other audience members or performers than when a cell phone goes off during the performance.
  • No Flash Photos: Another no-brainer. It’s distracting to the performers to have flashes in the audience during the show. Also, taking pictures of a live show while in attendance is often a copyright violation. Bottom line: don’t do it.
  • Hold Your Applause: It can be tempting to want to break into applause. After all, the performers are giving it their all on stage. Keep in mind that there are appropriate times to offer applause which usually occur between scene setups or breaks in the action. When in doubt, follow the lead of other audience members.
  • Be Early and Be Seated: A good rule of thumb is to arrive no later than fifteen minutes prior to the start of the show. This will allow you to find your seat and not be a distraction when the performance begins. If you do arrive late, look to an usher to wait for a break in the performance and then escort you to your seats.

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