2014 Toyota Camry: Lease or Buy in Birmingham

The Toyota Camry’s stellar resume as the best-selling sedan in America is not the only thing impressing Birmingham drivers. The 2014 Toyota Camry has been designed to provide drivers the best comfort, convenience, and technology in addition to outstanding performance, exceptional efficiency, and superb safety.

2014 Toyota Camry

2014 Toyota Camry

If you’re looking to buy or lease the 2014 Toyota Camry, Limbaugh Toyota has the Toyota Camry for sale and plenty of Toyota Camry lease options for Birmingham drivers. Limbaugh Toyota is now offering the famous $18,888 Pre-owned Toyota Camry Special.* Purchase a new 2014 Camry L Special Luxury Edition at Limbaugh Toyota. Leather upholstery, automatic transmission, and more make this deal too good to pass up. It’s only available for a limited time, so don’t hesitate.**

Not sure if you want to buy or lease? Consider these factors:


When you buy the 2014 Toyota Camry, you own the vehicle and are required to keep up with your payment obligations. When you lease the Camry, it is owned by the lessor, and you pay for a term of use and are required to return it at the end of the term. These payments may cover rent, tax, title, registration fees, etc.


To purchase the Camry, you will most likely pay the cost of acquisition and a downpayment. Depending on credit qualification or downpayment amount, you may lower your monthly payment. At the beginning of the lease, lessees will pay for acquisition and capitalized cost reduction (CCR), which may reduce your monthly payment amount. Expected expense at the time of lease includes the first month, security deposit, acquisition fee, as well as other applicable fees and taxes.

Monthly Payments

As you make monthly payments to pay off your purchased Camry, you are lowering the amount you owe. Prepayments, such as additional payments or the amount owed paid in full, could help you save money depending on your contract. While monthly payments on a lease are typically lower than buying, your monthly lease payment covers depreciation, other applicable fees and financed amounts. If you wish to terminate the lease before the end of contract, a substantial early termination charge may be assessed. Check your terms of agreement for information on your lease.

Vehicle Return

Once you pay off the purchased Camry, you can do as you please. Keep it, pass it on, sell it, trade it or whatever, it’s yours! A leased Camry must be returned at the end or during the lease term. If returned during the term, an early termination charge will most likely apply. Some lease options may allow for the purchase of the leased Camry at the end of the term. Just ask!

Future Value

When you purchase the Camry, you are making an investment and taking on the risk. Your Camry’s future value is in your hands. Treat it right, and keep up with maintenance to prolong its life and improve resale value. In a close-end lease, the Camry is leased at the lessor’s risk. If you exceed mileage limits or cause excessive wear to the vehicle, charges may apply.

Mileage and Use

Purchasers of the Camry have unlimited mileage and usage. However, higher mileage and more wear lowers resale value, so protect your investment. Lease agreements stipulate usage limits. Be mindful of pre-set mileage limits and excessive wear and use to avoid fees.

End of Term

Once it’s been paid off, the 2014 Toyota Camry is yours! No more payments! For leased Camrys, the end of term is dependent on the lease agreement and finances. You must return the leased vehicle. Some agreements may allow those who quantify to purchase the leased vehicle.

Always consult your contract and terms of agreement. To get more information, call in or stop by Limbaugh Toyota today.


*$18,888 including dealer fees and excluding tax, tag, registration, and title fees.
**Good through 2/28/14