2014 Tundra: Coolest Accessories in Birmingham


The 2014 Tundra is one of the newest trucks from Toyota, designed to be perfect for families or for doing hard work. The truck has a larger four-door cabin and a powerful engine to get the job done. Selecting your 2014 Tundra, however, is just the first step in a process. After that, you will also want to take the time to explore the various accessories available for your new truck.

While the Tundra has a powerful performance on its own, there are multiple accessories that can improve its strength, grip, transporting abilities, and even comfort. With dozens of accessories to choose from, it can be difficult to sort out the most useful or even the coolest. Here are just some of the best accessories for your 2014 Tundra that you will find in Birmingham.

20-In-Carved-5-Spoke-Alloy-WheelsWheel Accessories

When looking for a powerful performance or increased ability to go over rough terrain, you can opt for 20-inch wheels, such as the carved five-spoke alloy wheels. These fit the truck perfectly and are actually lighter than steel wheels of the same size and design. If you do go with alloy wheels, consider alloy wheel locks. This will prevent thieves from stealing your new wheels that are powerful but slightly more expensive than the standard option.

Bed Accessories

The coolest accessories for the 2014 Tundra usually involve making the truck bed even more useful. You can opt for something simple, such as a bed mat that will protect your truck bed from wear and tear. The one made by Toyota specifically for this truck has a texture designed to make loading your truck easier and ensure that nothing slides off. One of the coolest truck bed accessories, however, is the bed extender. This allows you to open your tailgate and create a new back wall, extending your storage by nearly 2 feet. You can even use it with the gate closed to section off your truck’s bed.

Interior Accessories

Although basic, you should always remember to purchase (or have on hand) an emergency assistance kit with basic tools for your truck, as well as a first aid kit. The crucial accessories for the 2014 Tundra are floor mats. There are carpet floor mats designed for comfort. If you usually make a mess in your truck, then you should opt for the all-weather floor mats, which make cleaning your truck a breeze, even after walking through mud.

Ball-MountTowing Accessories

Many people who opt for the 2014 Tundra or other similar trucks from Toyota do so because of the ability to tow vehicles behind. This works better, however, with a few additional accessories. The tow hitch receive manufactured by Toyota is designed to work perfectly with this truck and make towing even easier. There is also a trailer wiring harness for extra security when you attach a trailer.

When purchasing your new 2014 Tundra from Limbaugh Toyota, you can ask the experts there about which accessories they have at their dealership in Birmingham, Alabama, for you to purchase.