Avert A Dead Battery This Winter

Car batteries don’t last forever. However, frigid weather can shorten their life. And you can’t avoid the roads just because of snow, ice, and low temperatures. But no one wants to end up on the roadside or in a parking lot with a drained battery. Avoid dealing with a dead battery this winter with these tips.

The Life of Your Battery

All car batteries are not the same. In fact, a car battery may have a lifetime of only one to two years. Or it may last for up to 10 years. How you drive and where you live can affect the overall life of your battery. But it’s important to know the life expectancy. If you know your battery is near the end, it might be wise to replace it before it dies completely.

Get Your Cold Battery a Blanket

If a car battery gets cold enough, the fluids inside the battery can freeze. In extreme cases, your car may not start at all. But you can help your battery stay functional and keep it cozy with a battery blanket. This specialized blanket can keep your car battery warm enough to ensure your car will start on colder days.

A Healthy Battery Is a Happy Battery

Your battery might have a five-year rating, but it may not last that long if corrosion develops. It’s a good idea to check your battery connections often to ensure excessive corrosion doesn’t develop. Sometimes, battery acid leaks out. You can carefully check and clean the contacts of corrosion. If there’s a lot of corrosion or you aren’t sure how to clean it, get professional help to be safe.

High Tech Is a Big Drain

If you have a lot of high-tech devices connected in your car, they’re helping to drain the battery. In the winter, your vehicle works harder than it does in nicer weather. When you add in the tech that is also using the battery, you can drain it to a critical level. If possible, disconnect or minimize your use of some of your tech in the car on the coldest days. Finally, it is possible to disconnect your car battery when you store your vehicle in the garage. Taking this extra step can lengthen the life of your battery.

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Learn More About Maintaining Your Car Battery Health

Keeping your car battery healthy is essential for keeping you safer on the road in any season. But many people aren’t very familiar with maintaining their battery. Having a trusted service technician check your entire car out is always a good idea. They’ll also inspect your battery. At Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama, you can rely on the service department to care for your battery. Make an appointment today for a detailed inspection.

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