Get Creative With A New Way To Play Family Tag

A young family is spending time together outside at the park. They are running through a grassy field.

For kids, summertime is the best part of the whole year — except for maybe Christmas. Truly though, this is their time to get outside or dive into activities without any distractions! And even though this summer looks a little different than those of the past, it’s still crucial that your little ones get some Vitamin D and stretch their legs. It just might even make bedtime easier for you!

Now that we are approaching the last half of the summer, your kids might be out of ideas for what to do outside. Enter: creative ways to play tag! Check out these suggestions and see if any get them excited to get back outside for a day of fun.

Freeze Tag

It would not be surprising if you’ve already heard of this version. But just in case you need a refresher, here you go. Players who are tagged by the person who is “it” must stand still with their legs wide. That person has to stay still until someone crawls through their legs, while also running from the person who is “it.”

Animal Tag

For the animal lovers in your family! Designate four areas as “cages” for the game, and pick a zookeeper, or the person who is “it.” Split players into four different groups, with each group picking an animal they want to represent. Save one player to be the “monkey,” and that person will run around and free those in the cages. Whatever animal the groups choose is how they will get around during the game. For example, if you choose kangaroos, your group would hop. When the game begins, every animal is free, but if tagged must return to their cage, and can leave only if the monkey lets you loose.

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Soccer Ball Tag

This game is a nice mix of a beloved sport and the game of tag. Start off with two different players being “it.” Each one has a soccer ball and can pass the ball in an attempt to tag other players. Once the ball touches a player, they immediately join the people who are “it.” The last player standing is the winner. Also, it might be a good idea to come prepared with a ball for every player.