Decorate Your Tree Like A Pro

Decorating the Christmas tree is a holiday tradition that has been around for hundreds of years with more than 95 million households taking part in the festivities every year. What we love the most about decorating our tree is that it gives us a unique opportunity to express our family’s heritage, style, and creativity while building upon a yearly tradition.

Decorating your tree doesn’t have to be hard work. It’s so much better when you can make it a fun activity for the whole family. Make some hot chocolate, then turn on the Christmas music. It’s time to rock around the Christmas tree! In no time, you’ll be decorating your tree like a pro. Once you’ve decided on a decoration style for your tree, follow these three easy steps.

Step 1: Hang the Lights!

First, choose the color of the lighting wire. The wire typically comes in green, but there are also options for white and even black. A wire that matches your tree color will stay hidden from sight. Once you’ve purchased your strands, start at the base and begin wrapping the wire around the trunk and each branch as you work up the tree.

Step 2: Add Garland

Second, drape garland from the top, slowly increasing the amount between each turn as you work it around the branches toward the bottom. Not sure how much garland to use? A common rule of thumb is to estimate two strands for every vertical foot of tree.

Step 3: Add the Ornaments

Finally, the fun part. Start hanging ornaments. Focus on placing your favorite ornaments on the tree first in prime positions around eye level. Next, look for branches to hang your larger ornaments so they stay secure. Lastly, fill in the gaps with your standard colored balls. That’s it. You’re ready to rock!

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