Pick Up Some Produce At The Drive-Thru Market!

Vegetables on display at the farmers market

Summertime is good for a few things: sunshine, greenery, and fresh produce. And since we have a little bit of summer left to go, it’s only natural to want to embrace those before the seasons change. The Birmingham area is known for its largely-popular Pepper Place Market which takes place at Pepper Place every weekend. These days, the market looks a little different, but still gives goers plenty of options depending on their comfort levels. Currently, Pepper Place offers a Hybrid Market which consists of three main options: contactless pickup (drive-thru), walk-thru, or a mix of both! Keep reading to get the details, and you’ll be on your way to fresh foods in no time.

Contactless Pickup

The drive-thru portion of the market is very easy to access. Just place your order online the week before, follow the instructions from that specific vendor about pickup times and requirements, and then on the day of the market pull up to the drive-thru lane! When you pull up to the vendor you bought from, they will place your order in your car for you.


It might seem self-explanatory, but it’s important to review the market’s plan of action ahead of time since things are constantly changing. The walk-thru market is stricter than it used to be back in the day, for the safety of shoppers. Some of the key rules to follow include no pets, no eating while you’re there, no reuseable bags, practice social distancing, and follow mask guidelines. Another tip from the team at Pepper Place is to thoroughly wash all foods you purchase before eating them. You can still have your warm morning at the market, just keep it concise!

Best of Both Worlds

If option A and B are both appealing, there is always secret option C. Utilize the drive-thru market for heavier items or larger quantities, and then park and walk around for other smaller miscellaneous foods.

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