Explore Birmingham’s Uptown District

Uptown District

Do you ever feel like you always go to the same places in the local area? Once you get in a routine, it can be easy to feel like you’re seeing the same things and going to the same places over and over again. Is it time to switch things up? If so, you may want to make your way to Birmingham’s Uptown District. There are a variety of shops, stores, and restaurants here, so it’s a great place to get some shopping done or grab a bite to eat. Don’t feel like doing that? No problem. You can also just walk around and check out what’s going on in this bustling corner of the city. It’s undoubtedly someplace you need to explore if you haven’t been there yet, so take a look at some of what you’ll find there – you’re not going to be disappointed.

Eugene’s Hot Chicken

Hot chicken is a southern classic, so it makes sense that you can get some fantastic hot chicken right in the heart of Uptown Birmingham. This place is known for its high-quality meat as well as its tasty sides. Whether you’re looking for a hot chicken sandwich or you’d rather start your day with some chicken and waffles, this place is not going to disappoint. Be sure to stop by sometime soon.


Ready to see an unforgettable show or other events you can’t catch anywhere else in the city? Then it’s time to make your way to The BJCC. This event space in the Uptown District always has something going on, from visits from speakers to musicians and more. Check out the schedule so you can see when your favorite artists will be in town. You have to come out to a show here at least once!

Cantina Laredo

You may have had Mexican food before, but if you want to try something unlike any of the other Mexican meals you’ve ever had, you need to come out to Cantina Laredo. This high-end restaurant aims to elevate and modernize Mexican cuisine, and the result is absolutely delicious. This is a must-visit place for any foodies who live in the local area.

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Octane Coffee

Sometimes, you just need a bit of a buzz. When that’s the case, you’ll want to take a trip to Octane Coffee. With so many different coffee drinks available, you should be able to get your caffeine fix without a problem. It’s also an ideal place to hang out and chat with friends or get some work done.

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