Check Out These Genius Car Accessories

woman on steering wheel drive a car with sunlight background.

You spend a lot of time in your car as you drive in Birmingham, AL, and other places. To make you feel more comfortable and for your rides to be more convenient, you can add some handy accessories to your vehicle. There are plenty to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. Don’t go anywhere without at least some of these useful items.

Phone Holder

We live in a time where just about everyone has a smartphone, it seems. People want to stay connected at all times, even when on the go. If you get into your vehicle, you want access to your phone. However, if you are at the wheel, it is not safe or wise to text, call, or even talk while holding it. To have both hands available for driving, a phone holder is an excellent accessory. You can mount the holder to your vehicle’s dash or in the vents of the air conditioner/ heater. Any smartphone should securely and easily fit inside so you can see it without any problems.

Carpet Spot Remover

The upholstery in your vehicle takes a beating, especially if you have kids. Stains are common on the seats and floor. Furthermore, these can be difficult to remove. Pretty soon, the interior of your car looks pretty grim. You may even be embarrassed to have people ride inside. The good news is you can remove these stains with a handy product. Plus, you can keep the cleaner in your vehicle. You can find a spray that doesn’t require a rinse either.

Escape Tracks

On average, it snows less than 2 inches a year in Birmingham, AL. Consequently, you will not encounter the white stuff and ice very often. However, it is possible. Plus, you may be traveling this winter in areas where snowfall and icy conditions are more common. In such circumstances, you could find yourself in difficult positions. For example, getting stuck in snow can be frustrating or even dangerous. Escape tracks are among the most helpful accessories you can find. Set the traction pads on the ground close to the tires in the snow. As you move the car forward, the tires will grip the pads, helping you get back on the road.

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Trunk Organizer

Are you tired of the state of your trunk? For instance, do you have an assortment of items moving around or cluttering the vehicle? If so, a three-pocket folding organizer can take care of this problem. There is room in here for an assortment of different-sized belongings. Plus, it folds up when you are not using it.

These accessories can simplify your life while you are driving. Before you head off on your next trip, purchase one or more of these. You can also visit Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, AL, and talk to the sales team or service team about other recommendations they have.

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