Get In The Halloween Spirit With These Birmingham Haunted Houses

Haunted House

Welp, it’s October. That’s the cue for ghouls, goblins, and whatever else could be lurking in the shadows this time of year to come out and start spooking us. And when it comes to scaring, haunted houses in our area never disappoint. Over the years, we at Limbaugh Toyota have been able to subject ourselves to some of the best – or should we say the worst – Birmingham has to offer. Here are a few that just may make you retreat into a corner and take the fetal position. In other words, they are scary!

Atrox Factory

The images on the Atrox Factory home page don’t lie. With 50,000 square feet of fear, Atrox is the largest indoor Halloween attraction in the Southeast. Once inside, you’ll traverse twisting halls for more than a quarter of a mile, fearing not only what’s around the next turn, but what could be creeping up behind you. We still get chills just thinking about it.

Warehouse 31

The main attraction at Warehouse 31 is named Rigamortis. Seriously, Rigamortis. The Rift Master rules at Warehouse 31 and you should enter at your own peril. There’s also a 3D experience where you can check out spooky artwork as well as an escape room. Trust us, you don’t want to be in that escape room for too long. And if you’re really feeling brave, visit them on Lights Out Lantern Night October 20. Yes, that’s a thing.

Nightmare 3008

This may be our favorite simply because Nightmare 3008 supports a good cause. A portion of their proceeds go toward Children’s of Alabama Childhood Cancer Research. But you can bet that good heart of yours is gonna flutter, because the horror here is relentless. It’s dark. It’s grungy. It’s chaotic. It’s everything you dread about a top-notch haunted house.

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Birmingham Zoo Hoots & Howls

Need to catch your breath? We don’t blame you. This one’s not so much a haunted house, and it’s not going to give you nightmares. But the Birmingham Zoo has festivities this time of year as well. Check out the Monster Mash dance party, spooky carousel, and exciting nighttime train ride through the zoo.

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