How to Buy a Used SUV in 10 Easy Steps


Step 1: Where to Start?

If you’re asking how to buy a used SUV, you will want to start with committing to buying used. There are so many benefits to purchasing a used SUV. You don’t have to worry about the sudden drop from depreciation and insurance costs are usually lower too! Once you’ve committed to buying used, you’re on your way to finding the perfect used SUV.


Step 2: Needs &  Wants

Finding the best match for you is never easy. To simplify the process, it’s often helpful to determine your wants and needs. You can start off as broad as listing all the things you’ve ever wanted in an SUV and then cross off those that seem unrealistic. This step will help you create a balance between your needs and wants in addition to help you focus your search.


Step 3: Narrow It Down

For some, this list might lead right to the best match. If you have multiple factors to consider and your best match isn’t as readily apparent, take a look at our online inventory of used and pre-owned SUVs and other vehicles. From there, you can search using specifications like year, color, mileage, price and more to narrow it down.


Step 4: Check Our Specials

Take a look at our used specials to save even more!


Step 5: Trade-in

Trading in your vehicle saves you money, so we make evaluating your trade online fast and easy! All you need to get your appraisal is the make, model, options and condition of your old vehicle.


Step 6: Come By Limbaugh Toyota!

Schedule a walk-through and test drive your SUV!


Step 7: Financing

The Finance department will help you to determine what down payment and monthly payments are best for you. Keep in mind the larger the down payment, the faster you can pay it off or you can choose to have smaller monthly payments. Get pre-approved online!


Step 8: Odds & Ends

Put in a call to your insurance company before you drive off the lot to make sure your SUV is ensured! Now is also the time to think about your warranty. If you are purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle, you’re covered with the manufacturer-backed warranty. However, if you didn’t buy certified pre-owned, you might want to consider purchasing an extended warranty. Ask your Sales Expert for details.


Step 9: Read, Review & Sign


Step 10: Drive Off in Your New Used SUV!

It’s that Easy!

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