Important Questions To Ask Your Mechanic

Happy MechanicTurning over your keys to a mechanic can be a little scary. But eventually, every car-owner has to find a mechanic they can trust to perform quality maintenance and repairs. Here are a few questions you should ask your mechanic before scheduling repairs.

How Much Will It Cost?

Get an estimate on the cost of the repairs in writing first. After diagnostics, most quality shops understand the amount of time, labor, and parts needed to complete the job. Complications may occur that increase the initial estimate, and sometimes the opposite happens and the price is reduced. Regardless, your mechanic’s estimate should give you a strong sense of what the final cost will be.

What is the Labor Cost?

To further understand the cost of your repairs, inquire about your shop’s hourly labor rate. Most repair shops charge an hourly rate that ranges from $90 to $125 an hour. Independent shops are usually on the lower end of that range and certified service centers that can perform work under warranty are usually on the higher end.

Are Your Technicians Certified?

In addition to understanding the cost of your repairs, you want to understand the qualifications of the people performing the work. Make sure the technicians that are working on your car are certified to work with the parts that need to be repaired.

Will Your Work Be Guaranteed With a Warranty?

Most quality repair centers offer a warranty on the work they do. Before you agree to hire them for the job, make sure you understand the warranty. A good shop will have a warranty for 12,000 miles or a year and some shops offer warranties that extend to 24,000 miles.

How Long Will the Repairs Take?

You don’t want to be out of your car for longer than you have to. So, to find out how long your repairs should take, ask your mechanic and do a little research. How long it takes to repair a vehicle varies widely depending on the parts being repaired.

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