Keep Your Windshield From Cracking With These Tips

Riding Car View of the Road in Sunlight

Your car’s windshield plays a huge part in ensuring the safety of you and your passengers. While cleaning your windshield with a squeegee at the gas station is not harming your windshield, there is more that you can do to further keep it from cracking. Below, read these tips from Mapfre Insurance on how you can keep your windshield from cracking.

Car Maintenance for Your Windshield

Cleaning your windshield helps maintain it, not only when it comes to helping you be able to see while driving. However, it is also important that you choose the right windshield wiper fluid for your car. For anyone who lives in areas that get below freezing frequently, you should choose a winter blend of windshield wiper fluid. In the summer you should avoid any windshield wiper fluids that contain ammonia because that can damage the tint of the windshield.

Changing your windshield wipers regularly can help as well. You should replace the blade every six months to a year. Replacing them frequently will help reduce streaks and white film from being produced.

Frequently Inspect Your Windshield

When you check your windshield regularly, you can catch any chips before they turn into cracks. With chips in your windshield, you can typically get those patched up and that is more cost-effective than replacing the whole windshield. While there is a chip in your windshield, you should be careful to not slam your door because the vibrations can cause the chip to turn into cracks. You should get a chip patched as soon as you can because both chips and cracks cause structural integrity issues with your vehicle. If you have any chips and cracks that impair your vision while driving, they need to be taken care of immediately.

Drive Safely

By driving safely you can protect your windshield from chips and cracks. Avoid driving behind big trucks on the highway and interstate, keep ample distance between yourself and other vehicles, and drive slowly in construction areas. By reducing your speed you lower your chances of getting hit with construction debris.

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Parking Strategically

Sometimes you can not choose where you have to park. However, sometimes you can. If you can park in a garage or shaded area, do that. This will help protect cracks from growing during rapid temperature changes. When you know a storm is approaching, try to no park under a tree. Additionally, if you can, always try to not park next to a golf course, baseball field, or park to avoid flying balls.

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