Helpful Maintenance Tips

Mechanic and customer looking under the hood of a vehicle

The best way to keep your vehicle running at its best, safest, and most efficient is by keeping up with routine maintenance. That’s true across the spectrum of vehicles, from the most budget-centric bargain buy to the most decked-out luxury model. And while many drivers might find themselves tempted to skip these important services – either because they can’t find the time or don’t want to pay the money – it could actually save you lots of both over the long run. Brush up on some important maintenance tips that won’t cost you much of either!

Get Regular Oil Changes

Oil is more than just a fluid that helps keep your engine parts lubricated. It serves many other functions as it seeks to protect your car’s engine, such as keeping things from overheating and preventing sludge build-up that can cause damage over time. Getting the oil changed regularly (as often as recommended by your manufacturer) is the best, easiest, and cheapest way to safeguard your engine and prevent much bigger automotive problems down the line.

Check (and Rotate) Your Tires

It’s probably not necessary to reiterate how important your tires are; without them, you aren’t going anywhere. And if they’re not at the top of their game, they can pose a hazard on the road. Do periodic visual inspections of your tires to make sure there are no visible issues – think cracks or bulges in the sidewall, or a slow and steady air leak. And have them rotated and balanced as recommended in your owner’s manual. You can get the service technician to check the alignment at the same time.

Pay Attention

You know your vehicle better than anyone, so you should always trust your gut if you feel like something’s not quite right. And you can also keep tabs on your car’s overall health simply by being aware and taking note of anything that seems “off.” Some of these issues are easy to spot – if a warning light comes on, for instance, you know it’s time to schedule service. You’ll also want to listen out for unusual sounds like squealing brakes or the more urgent noise of metal on metal that could indicate a more serious problem.

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Schedule Service at Limbaugh Toyota

Being proactive about auto care is just the smart thing to do. It can keep a minor issue from becoming a major hassle – not to mention a pretty hefty expense! At Limbaugh Toyota, we have a team of experienced technicians on hand to inspect your car, offer service recommendations, and then get the work done quickly and affordably so you can hit the road again. The peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained car? That part is free of charge.

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