Bring Your Forks Out For National Barbecue Month

pulled pork barbecue sandwiches

Are you ready for the tastiest month around? It’s National Barbecue Month, which gives you an excuse to eat your favorite foods throughout May. From brisket to ribs, you can eat your way through the barbecue alphabet. Check out some ideas to help you celebrate National Barbecue Month. Then, get ready for one mouthwatering meal after the next!

Add a Variety of Dishes to the Menu

With 31 days in May, you have ample time to experiment at the grill during National Barbecue Month. You can go beyond the standard meats and try desserts and other items. For instance, you can put chocolate marshmallow bananas in aluminum foil and place them on the grill. Get creative and have some fun during National Barbecue Month.

Have a Recipe Swap

Are you friends with grill masters? Ask them to swap recipes with you, so you can try some new dishes this month. Maybe they have a recipe for a homemade sauce that they’re willing to share or a unique method for making ribs that you’ve always wanted to try. Be willing to part with some of your recipes as well. People are more inclined to share if they get a recipe in return. After all, it’s hard to part with a family secret for free.

Get Help on the Grill

You are likely going to be doing a lot of grilling this May. Instead of trying to handle it all, play grilling tag. Let your family step in to take over some of the grilling duties. If you have kids who are old enough, you can even teach them the art of grilling. Then, you can get a much-needed break. After a bit of relaxing, you’ll be ready to eat some delicious barbecue.

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Enjoy Some Outdoor Time

National Barbecue Month is in May for a great reason. The weather is so nice that you can enjoy spending time outside while grilling. Consider adding some activities to the festivities so you can get the most out of your time outdoors. Play catch, take out the bocce ball set, or do something else that will help you increase the fun. Your family can have its own private party while waiting for the food. Although, make sure that someone watches the grill. You can tag in and out with your family members, so everyone can have time to play.

These tips will help you get the most out of National Barbecue Month. You will get to enjoy grilled food, fun, and bonding time with your family. That’s the perfect way to spend May, so you’re in for a real treat!