Park Assist for Your 2014 Tundra

The Best Park Assist Features for Your 2014 Toyota Tundra

At the end of a long drive, or even a short one, you have to do that final step that frightens most beginning drivers, and even some experienced drivers: safely park your car or truck. As cars have become more technologically advanced, though, this chore is safer and easier than ever. The 2014 Toyota Tundra has some fantastic park assist features that will help you park your truck without damaging it or other parked vehicles.

The first features you can use to help park your truck are the mirrors. The outside mirrors are heated, so you can quickly and easily get the snow and ice off your mirrors in the winter months. These heated mirrors are standard on all 2014 Toyota Tundras, with some models also providing an auto-dimming feature along with turn signal indicators, power-folding, and a memory feature.

Next, standard on all Toyota Tundras, is the rear backup camera. When your truck is in reverse, this camera turns on and displays on your truck’s video display. This is great for hitching up your boat trailer, but it also makes parking or backing out of your parking space effortless and safe, since you can see what is behind you. This provides a much better field of view than the rearview mirror, and allows you to safely and easily back your truck into a parking space or up to your trailer to hitch it up.

For the ultimate in park assist technology, front and rear parking assist sonar is available on the Limited trim, and standard on the Platinum and 1794 Edition trims. This technology uses sonar sensors in the front and rear bumpers to detect when people, vehicles, or other objects are in front of your truck or behind it as you are parking. When your truck is in drive and the system is turned on, only the front sonar is active. When you have your truck in reverse, though, both the front and rear sonar sensors are active. Either way, a display near your speedometer as well as an audible tone alerts you to nearby objects as you park.

With features like these, parking does not have to be a chore anymore. You can safely and easily park your Tundra with ease of mind, assured that you will not hit something or somebody as you are backing into a parking space, backing up your trailer, or parallel parking. For a demonstration of these terrific park assist features, be sure to stop by Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, AL.