Find The Pick Of The Patch At The Market At Pepper Place

farmer's market tent with fresh produce

The heat is cranking up here in Birmingham, Alabama, and for many, that means it’s time for a weekly visit to The Market at Pepper Place. Located in the heart of downtown Birmingham, local farmers gather each Saturday, from January 22 to December 10 from 7 a.m. until 12 p.m. Whether the sun is out or the clouds are erupting with rain, you can bet there will be plenty to explore, so come explore fresh, farm-to-table ingredients, locally made gifts, and delicious food every Saturday.

The Mission

It’s simple. Fresh, local food is better for the community. And The Market at Pepper Place wants to make that accessible to the Birmingham community while providing a safe and fun place to gather with friends and family on Saturday mornings.

Buy Fresh, Buy Local

From handmade earrings, fresh salsa, honey bee candles, hand soaps, and delicious breakfast, you can’t go wrong at the Market at Pepper Place. Be sure to stop by each vendor’s tent to say hello and see what they have to offer. From those who celebrate and honor diversity, and offer delicious produce, fresh meals, or beautiful pieces of art, there’s plenty of talent to go around the Birmingham area. If you want to roll out of bed and be greeted with fresh goods, curbside pickup is available. If you have goods for Birmingham to enjoy, be sure to check into becoming a vendor.

Find Recipes

Once you pick up your fresh ingredients, you’ll be wondering how you will use them in the kitchen. The Pepper Place Market has you covered with a recipes tab on their website. If you have a large batch of freshly picked strawberries, read over how to make Strawberry Cobbler. Or, if you have a craving for something savory, like Greek Pasta Salad, Pepper Place has tips and tricks for you.

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