‘The Price Is Right Live!’ Is Coming To Birmingham

Mark your calendar and get your tickets to a live taping of one of the most exciting game shows ever. “The Price Is Right Live!” is coming to Birmingham, Alabama, at 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 31. This wonderfully fun television taping is taking place at the BJCC, a convention center that always hosts incredible events in Birmingham.

Tickets are on sale now, with a range of prices. If you’re just looking for an exciting night watching your favorite game show, you may want to go for the more affordable tickets, starting at $27.50. However, if you’re hoping to try your luck and earn the big bucks, go ahead and splurge for the $148 tickets. They grant you access to the best seats in the house and the possibility of being selected as a contestant. Invite all your friends and family, so they don’t miss out on such an entertaining show!

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All About ‘The Price Is Right’

You have probably seen at least a few episodes of the immensely popular television game show “The Price Is Right.” In each episode, contestants selected from the live studio audience are invited to come up and guess the price of a random retail item. The person closest to the actual price without going over wins the item. Then, they’re brought on stage to continue the game and win more great prizes.

When it came out, the show quickly became a favorite of millions. Many people have sweet childhood memories of staying home sick from school and watching episode after episode of the show, dreaming about a day when they may also be able to win money and amazing prizes. If you were one of those kids, now is your chance! If you’re not familiar with the show, do yourself a favor and check out a couple of reruns. You will be hooked and hurrying to buy your tickets to see an episode live and in person.

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