Make Sure To Stretch Before Running

Young female runner warming up before running in forest.

If you’ve just recently started exercising regularly, that is good news. You’re making a big difference in your health and your life overall. That’s especially true if you’re running. Running is excellent for you and will help you stay in great shape for years to come. But there’s just one thing you might be forgetting: stretching. Too many people assume that they don’t have to stretch to get a good workout, but that’s not the case. Stretching helps prevent injuries that could interrupt your workout routine. They may even help you make your workout routine more effective. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at these dynamic stretches you should do before your next run!

Glute and Piriformis Activation

When you start to stretch, you should probably begin with glute and piriformis activation. This is a vital stretch for people who suffer from runner’s knee and IT band issues (although it can help everyone in a preventative sense). Your low back, hips, and glutes will benefit from this kind of a stretch.

Hamstring Sweep

A lot of people out there have very tight hamstrings. If that’s you, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Plus, tight hamstrings put you at an increased risk of injury. Don’t risk it. Do a hamstring sweep before your run, and you’re sure to feel great.

Ankling and Calf Mobilization

You don’t want to twist your ankle or damage your legs while running, do you? This is where ankling and calf mobilization come into play. Not only does it feel great, but this exercise (like the others) can help prevent injury in a meaningful way.

Leg Swings

You need to take care of your abductor and adductor muscles, and that’s just what leg swings will do. This is not a difficult stretch, but you will notice that it makes a big difference in how you feel when running. Don’t skip out on this one, even if you’re a bit short on time.

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Leg Swings for the Hamstrings and Hip Flexors

Of course, there are other types of leg swings you can do as well. One particular variety focuses on the hamstrings and hip flexors. Since this is a particularly tight area for a lot of people, it makes sense to go through a few rounds of these stretches.

Now that you know how to stretch before running, every workout is about to be more fun and less painful!