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Shop ‘Til You Drop at the Alabama Antique Trail Sale

Alabama Antique Trail
Finding fun things to do can be hard unless you know where to look. The Alabama Antique Trail is a great place to start. This unique antique trail starts at the top of the state and ends at the bottom. At each stop, you will experience friendly and helpful antique shop... [read more]

Enjoy Baby Bird Season at the Alabama Wildlife Center

Baby bird in the nest at Alabama Wildlife Center
Few things can be more adorable, innocent and interesting than baby birds. If you want to learn all about baby birds in Birmingham, be sure to head to Alabama Wildlife Center. This wildlife rehabilitation center is a must-see for people who are interested in the avian universe. Making the Most Out... [read more]

Local Fishing Holes to Visit on “Go Fishing Day”

Go Fishing Day
Go Fishing Day is coming up on June 18th. If you're a fishing enthusiast, you know exactly what that means. It's a great excuse to have the fishing experience of a lifetime. Birmingham, Alabama is home to a number of local fishing holes that are perfect for people who want... [read more]

The One and Only Gladys Knight at the BJCC!

Gladys Knight
The big day is right around the corner! The one and only Gladys Knight will be coming to the BJCC in Birmingham bringing what could possibly be the best concert you have ever attended right into your own backyard! Gladys Knight will be glamorizing the occasion to make it an event of a lifetime. Gladys will showcase her lifetime prowess in the music industry by taking the stage throughout... [read more]

Support Red Barn’s “Take the Reins” 5K and 10K

Take the Reins
"Take the Reins" is a run that takes place in the city of Birmingham, Alabama on June 10th, 2017. Both 5K and 10K runs are available to participants. The run was established by The Red Barn, a local organization that's passionate about assisting people and horses and faith in general. Take... [read more]