Tips & Tricks For Pumpkin Carving

close up of woman with pumpkins at homeWhether you are a pro pumpkin carver or a novice, it never hurts to learn some new tips and tricks. put out some tips to offer a pumpkin carving primer to get you ready for the Halloween season. While some of these tips might seem rather basic to advanced pumpkin carvers, it’s important to cover all the key points. Let’s get started!

Choose Your Pumpkin Wisely

You’ll want to start with a fresh pumpkin with a sturdy stem and no bruises. This will help make sure your pumpkin lasts throughout the Halloween season and doesn’t collapse or rot before the actual day. 

Carving Tips

Pro tip: cut your pumpkin from the bottom rather than the top. This will help prevent the sides of the pumpkin from caving in later. Also, make sure to remove every bit of pulp that you possibly can. According to, there are special “claws” you can buy for this, but “an ice cream scoop will do just fine.” 

Start Your Design on Paper First

If you draw out your design on paper to the size of the pumpkin itself, you can use it as a pattern. This method also gives you the freedom and flexibility to make multiple attempts at the right design before actually making the permanent cuts on the pumpkin’s face. 

Get Creative With The Scraps

We also recommend getting creative with the leftover scraps from your pumpkin by making accessories for the jack-o-lantern. It’s also a good idea to spread petroleum jelly on the cut edges of the pumpkin to seal in moisture and keep it fresh. If your pumpkin still shrivels a few days later, revive it by placing it face down in a cold water soak for up to eight hours. 

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