Add One Of These Traditions This Year

Happy family having fun while taking a selfie on Thanksgiving lunch at dining table.

Thanksgiving already comes with a lot of traditions for many families, but you can always add a few more! If you’re looking to start new traditions for your young family or simply looking to add another element of special fun to the day, these ideas can help you find a family tradition to enjoy for years to come!

The Thanksgiving Journal

Buy a blank journal and pass it around the Thanksgiving table so that each person can write down at least one thing that they’re thankful for within the pages. Bring the notebook out each year so that you can fill the pages with grateful joys throughout the years!

Volunteer Somewhere

It’s right in the name – Thanksgiving – so why not give some of your time around the holidays? Even if you can’t volunteer on the actual holiday days themselves, you can volunteer leading up to the holidays to help out with all of the holiday preparations.

Family Kickoff

Whether you start preparing for the December holidays just on December 1 or the day after Thanksgiving, make the time extra special with a kickoff party! Get themed pajamas for the kids, make hot chocolate, and play all of your favorite Christmas albums to start the holiday season!

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Yes, the turkey has to get in the oven and the potatoes have to be mashed, but don’t let the most important meal of the day pass you by! Give yourself the pep you need to get through the day of preparation by eating a good breakfast with your family. If you opt for a prep-ahead/overnight recipe, you won’t add any more work to your day!

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Give the Kids a Special Task

Managing the Thanksgiving preparations with little ones running around can be an arduous task, so use special tasks for the kids to redirect their attention and energy throughout the day. You can have them do things like making placemats/place cards for guests, getting ingredients out of the pantry and fridge, and setting the table. Not only will it keep them busy, but it will also give them a sense of accomplishment and helpfulness!

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