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Toyota Camry vs. Ford Fusion

The Toyota Camry has dominated the midsize sedan market for years. One of the other contenders, the Ford Fusion, is certainly a worthy opponent, but in the end, it still falls behind. Let’s take a look at why the Camry dominates the midsize market year after year. The Toyota Camry vs.... [read more]

New Toyota Corolla XSP Accessories Have Arrived in Birmingham!

Toyota Corolla XSP Accessories Birmingham
Looking to spice up your Toyota Corolla? With Limbaugh Toyota's exclusive new Toyota Corolla XSP Accessories Package you can do just that. This spectacular collection of additions gives your Corolla that perfect blend of utility and showmanship. With features that are custom-designed specifically for your Corolla, you'll command attention on... [read more]

ToyotaCare – No Cost Service & Roadside

Toyota Care Birmingham Alabama
Hey, my name is Bailey Little. I’m here at Limbaugh Toyota, and I’m here to tell you about the great benefits that you’ll get by purchasing your new Toyota. In particular, one thing you’ll get is ToyotaCare. What ToyotaCare is is 2-years/25,000 miles of free maintenance, and two years/unlimited... [read more]

2016 Toyota Camry vs. 2016 Honda Accord – Camry Wins!

Limbaugh Toyota Alabama
My name is Bailey Little. I’m here at Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama, and I am here to tell you about all the incredible advantages of the 2016 Toyota Camry over the 2016 Honda Accord. Did you know that the 2016 Toyota Camry is the #1 selling vehicle in America?... [read more]

Why Buy A Toyota From Limbaugh Toyota

Limbaugh Toyota Birmingham
Hey, my name is Bailey Little, and I’m here at Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama, and I’m here to tell you why you should say no to these other car brands and why you should say yes to Toyota and why this is the right choice for you and your... [read more]