The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Returns to Birmingham

Did you miss the Trans-Siberian Orchestra the last time it was in Birmingham? There’s no reason to sulk. You have another chance to see the popular band. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is hitting the Legacy Arena at the BJCC on Dec. 13. It’s the Ghost of Christmas Eve Tour, and it will feature the best of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and so much more. There aren’t many tickets left, so get yours now while you still have the chance.

Before you get your tickets though, check out what you can expect as far as the concert.

Christmas and More

The band will start it off with Christmas music, but it offers so much more. After it gets the Christmas music out of the way, it’ll move on to its non-Christmas hits, and it has a ton of them. This concert was designed for the big fans. If you love the hits, you will love every minute of this concert. You will catch yourself singing along with one hit after the next.

The Full Trans-Siberian Orchestra Experience

Some bands hit the stage and just play music. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra provides a complete experience though. If you’ve never seen the band live, get ready to be amazed. There will be lights and lasers, and the band even unleashes flames. The visuals are on par with the music, meaning you can expect a complete experience when you attend the concert. In fact, some people refer to it as a light show and concert in one.

Jamming Solos

Here’s something you might not know if you’ve never seen the Trans-Siberian Orchestra live. These musicians can jam. Like seriously jam. Solos are a big part of the concert. The various musicians will get their time to shine, so get ready to be amazed. You’ve never seen people master instruments like this.

Not a Bad Seat in the House

You might want to sit up close, and it does come with its perks. The band has been known to walk out into the audience, and if you’re close up, you might get a great selfie. Don’t worry if you don’t get up close though. The light show can be seen from every seat at the Legacy Arena, so you will have a great seat even if you’re a million rows up in the stands.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra knows how to put on a show, just like Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama, knows how to help you find a vehicle. Stop by and we will match your needs up to the perfect Toyota. Then, you can drive to the concert with the confidence that only a nice set of wheels can provide.