2012 Camry Color Choices

Choosing a new 2012 Camry can be quite an overwhelming task. From endless technology packages, luxury add-ons, engine and transmission upgrades, optional safety features, and navigation systems – it might seem like you’ve conquered the mountain of choices. That is until you’re charged with the task of picking out the body color. While it seems like an insignificant choice, it’s a color you’ll see everyday for the next 5 years on average.

Automotive paint surveys, like the one from DuPont listed below, reveal that North American’s prefer the basics: black and white. Through the evolution of paint technology, depth and character can be added to classic colors, like black and white, through iridescent sheens, pearlization, and metallic flakes. These colors are reflections of what we see in our everyday lives, and what we want to see in our vehicles – sleek, clean, modern technology. Since a car purchase is a significant expense for many, new car owners want to retain the ‘newness’ of their cars as long as possible, and the 2012 Camry’s Super White and Attitude Black Metallic achieve this through their timeless sophistication.


'13 Black Camry


Length of ownership is important when it comes to picking out a color you won’t regret, and explains why the top rated colors aren’t colors like Bumblebee Yellow, and Pepto Pink. In addition to black and white, alternative muted options include the Camry’s Classic Silver Metallic, Magnetic Grey Metallic, and Cosmic Grey Mica.

Color conservativeness is also a result of owners predicting the resale value of their car. It’s commonly thought brighter colors won’t sell, but don’t over look the Clearwater Blue Metallic Camry just yet: Color has less to do with it than you think. Used car color trends may follow that of new, but there is a market out there for those colors as is evident by the graph.

Fear of color reaches far into the depths of consciousness for drivers. Friends and family often warn against purchasing bold colors like red, insisting that the color will incur more traffic citations. Want to get on Hwy 280 without sweating it? According to Forbes, it’s the type of person picking the type of car that determines citation rate, not the type of car itself. Even at that, it’s the make and model that shows correlation, not the color. So drivers can relax and feel free to indulge in a 2012 Barcelona Red Camry.

Worried about aesthetics? You can rest assured there is a car color for you. While white and black are top rated colors in popularity, black is often criticized for showing the most dirt, dust, and scratches, while white can be a sucker for city muck. If frequent carwashes make you shake in your boots, get an idea of what kind of environmental challenges might be thrown your car’s way and choose accordingly. If pine pollen plagues your driveway, Cypress Pearl or Sandy Beach Metallic might be your best bet.Camry Color Popularity Chart


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