What Comes In The RAV4 Technology Package?


The Toyota RAV4 Technology Package, previously available only for the Limited version, can now be had as a $725 option on all models of this SUV from the Toyota stable. Designed mainly with driver safety in mind, the RAV4 Technology Package features three hi-tech devices that can help to make every drive a less fatiguing and safer experience. The package comprises:

    • Lane departure alert system
    • Auto high/low headlight beam
    • BSM (Blind-spot monitor) with RCTA (rear cross-traffic alert)

To understand exactly how these features can assist you, it’s necessary to explore them each in a little more detail.

1. Blind Spot Monitor

This system combines a camera sensor with visible indicators in your driver and passenger side mirrors. When a vehicle moves into your blind spot the indicator on that side will light. If you start to steer towards the vehicle in your blind spot, the indicator will flash and an audible alert will sound, giving you the chance to cancel the maneuver and avoid a collision.

The rear-cross traffic alert acts in the same way to help you when reversing from a parking space. In this case the indicators in the mirrors will light up and an audible tone will warn you as you are reversing if a vehicle is detected moving toward the rear-right or left of your RAV4.

2. Lane Departure Alert

The camera sensor in this system is able to detect most lane markings on one or both sides of your vehicle. If you begin to stray toward the lane markings, an indicator within the instrument cluster will flash and an audible tone will sound. This alerts you to the fact that you may be departing from your chosen lane unintentionally.

3. Auto High Beam (AHB)

The AHB simply switches your headlights from low to high beam and vice versa, according to conditions on the road ahead. If your lights are on full beam and an approaching vehicle is detected, the system will cut your headlamps to dipped beam. When the road ahead is clear again, the system will return your headlamps to their high beam state.

Together, the three devices which make up the RAV4 technology package form a system of discrete but practical intelligence which adds more than the value of its price tag to the safety of you and other road users, not to mention your passengers. We’ll be happy to demonstrate the technology package for you here at Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama.

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