2014 Corolla: The Best New Features


Before you rush out to any car dealer offering the 2014 Toyota Corolla for sale in Birmingham, AL, why not heighten your anticipation of how the improved looks will wow you with a little homework? Here’s a quick overview of the best new features of the 2014 Toyota Corolla for sale in Birmingham showrooms now.

Refreshingly Aggressive

Aggressive styling isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think Toyota. Therefore, the much improved looks of the 2014 Toyota Corolla for sale in Birmingham dealerships might be a pleasant surprise. There is definitely a sense of reserved aggression about the new model suggesting there is more to the car than meets the eye. While aggression isn’t everything, this styling facet of the 2014 Corolla is a visual step forward, helping the car stand out in the crowd more than its predecessor. So much for the looks though, what can buyers viewing a 2014 Toyota Corolla for sale in Birmingham expect in terms of practical improvements?

Looks Better, Feels Bigger

This new Toyota model looks better and it also feels bigger, because it is. The makers have stretched the new Corolla out for more rear leg room, with the bonus of a sleeker visual attraction to the car. That’s one practical improvement that will please the eyes of buyers who view a 2014 Toyota Corolla for sale in Birmingham. There’s definitely a visual thing going on with this car, but that’s a digression, let’s get back to practical.

Looks Better, Sounds Quieter

When you sit inside and close the doors of a 2014 Toyota Corolla for sale in a Birmingham car lot, turn on the engine and listen. What do you hear? Not so much for sure. Toyota has gone to some lengths to isolate the interior of the Corolla from noise. New measures for noise attenuation include:

  • A silencer pad on the inner dash
  • A seal between the windshield and cowl
  • A windshield made from acoustic glass
  • Fender sound insulators
  • Improved floor insulation

Presumably all this isolation from external noise is so drivers can better appreciate the new levels of infotainment excellence which Toyota have shoehorned inside the new Corolla.

toyota corolla s interior

Economical Infotainment

If history is anything to go by, prospective buyers of a 2014 Toyota Corolla for sale in Birmingham or anywhere else are likely to be those with a sense of frugality. The good news for those who want lots for a little is that the new Corolla models come packed with hi-tech infotainment features. Even the base L model is equipped with USB and iPod connectivity with charging function and hands-free Bluetooth calling. Stepping up to the sporty S model gets you a nice big multi-function display in the center of the dial cluster.

All in all then, when you’ve finished your homework and head off to look at a car in person, you’ll find a sleeker look, better technology, more space and a quieter drive in the 2014 Toyota Corolla for sale in Birmingham dealerships. Here at Limbaugh Toyota, we have a selection of 2014 Corolla models for you to view and test drive. We look forward to seeing you after you finish your homework.

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