5 Tips To Prepare For New Year’s

Notebook with 2023 goals text on it to apply new year resolutions and plan.

The countdown for 2022 to end is already starting. People are making their New Year’s Eve plans, but have you taken the time to plan for your new year. Each year is a gift to reset and try new things. Do you know what in your life you want to be different? Do you know what parts of your life you want to hold onto? Here are five things you need to consider to prepare for the new year.

Let It Go

Before you can take on the new year, there are things you are going to have to let go. Whether those are things, habits, or even some relationships. You need to declutter your life to focus on what really matters. Make sure to also declutter your social media accounts. Are there certain things you need to unfollow or unsubscribe from? Take this week leading up to the new year to consider what you need to say goodbye to.

Recharge Yourself

After letting go of things, there is still one more thing you need to take care of before making new goals or tackling your resolutions. That is taking care of yourself. Make sure you are recharged from the chaos of the hectic holidays before you begin starting new aspirations. You can take steps to recharge yourself by getting plenty of rest, hydrating, eating properly, and spending quality time with your friends.

Create Monthly Goals

When people make resolutions for the new year, they can often be too big or too broad, like wanting to travel. You need to create small attainable goals. Try creating three monthly goals. Do you want to travel? Then in January make a goal to choose where you want to go, make a goal to research what attractions you want to visit, and then a goal to establish a budget for the plane ticket, the hotel room. If your big goal is to learn a new hobby like painting or baking, then create three small goals of creating three things during that month.

Reestablish Your Values

While you want to create resolutions and goals for the new year, do not forget the values that ground you. Your goals should not stray from your beliefs. As the country song goes, “You’ve got to stand for something. Or you’ll fall for anything.” Maybe you have not given your values much thought during this busy season. Before you start the new year, really consider what your morals and values are to ensure that the things you decide to do in the upcoming year align with your beliefs.

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Plan One Crazy Adventure

While you stick to your values and make new goals to improve your life and education for the new year, do not forget to have some fun for 2023. Plan one crazy adventure. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do, but just did not think you had the gumption for. Sign up for that trapeze class, go rock climbing, or whatever daring adventure you wish.

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