How To Warm Up Your Vehicle This Season

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It’s been unseasonably warm (and rainy) here in Birmingham, but the weather will eventually turn cold. Probably. When you’re making that morning commute in the cold, don’t forget to warm up your vehicle before you take to the road.

You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Back in the day, it was important to take several minutes on a winter morning to warm up your vehicle. That’s because cars, trucks, and SUVs used to use carburetors to ignite air and gasoline in order to get your vehicle running. These days, modern vehicles use fuel injectors instead of carburetors. That means that your car needs less time to warm up. So if you’re sitting there with your car idling for 10 minutes or more, you’re not helping your vehicle warm up at all.

Here’s How

There are several easy steps to use in order to warm up your car. Remember: don’t turn on your heater right away, and make sure that other systems – like the seat warmers or radio – should be off to allow your electrical system the power it needs to really warm up your engine. Check out these tips:

  • Turn the key on without starting the ignition. This allows your electrical system to come online, which will allow the fuel pump to start working. After a few seconds, you can start your car.
  • Avoid the urge to run your heater right away. In the beginning, the heater will only pump cold air and strain the electrical system. Once your vehicle comes online, the heater will begin working.
  • Avoid other options like seat warmers or the radio, leaving the electrical power to your engine.
  • Idle your vehicle for a minute or two until warm air begins to flow.
  • Bundle up and stay warm until the heater is working properly.

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Remember This

There’s a difference in warming yourself up and warming your car up! The former will take longer than the latter.

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