7 Toyota Cars have 40MPG or Better

7 Different Toyota Models Lead the Pack of 40+ High MPG Cars

Full Gas Tank

Seven 2013 Toyota Models average 40+ MPG on the highway and city, making Toyota the leading manufacturer of high MPG cars in the US. Kelley Blue Book – The Trusted Resource – only found 25 new cars available in America that meet this 40+ MPG requirement and Limbaugh Toyota is proud to offer 5 of those, more than any other dealer in Birmingham. KBB.com listed 7 Toyotas with very high MPGs and 5 are currently available at Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, AL. Besides the 5 models we offer, two all electric plug in Toyotas were also on the list. Those models are not yet available in Alabama, but we’re sure our customers will be very pleased with the MPGs that our current hybrid models offer.

Here are the 5 Available Toyota Models with the Best MPGS


We know from talking to our customers that fuel economy and MPGs are a very important consideration for many of them. If you want to know the official Government MPG ratings for all of our Toyota vehicles, you can check out this list from the Department of Energy. Limbaugh Toyota is very proud to offer our customers these leading gas sippers to our customers, so if you’re interested in giving on of them a shot, please come visit us.


*EPA-estimated city/highway mileage. Actual Mileage will vary.

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