Test Drive the 2016 Toyota Sienna

2016 Toyota Sienna
The Toyota Sienna will be getting a facelift starting in 2016. While the Sienna will remain the minivan you love, the exterior will look a little different this time around. The front grill has been made flush and is filled with a honeycomb design. The front grill features stunning LED... [read more]

Best Toyotas to Tailgate In This Fall

Everyone in the South knows that Saturdays in Autumn are reserved for one thing and one thing only: Musical theatre! (Just joshing. Football, of course!) Die hard fans who dedicate the weekends to traveling and tailgating to support their team need a vehicle that will support them. Thankfully Limbaugh Toyota... [read more]

2015 Toyota Sienna: Birmingham’s Family-Friendly Vehicle Video

2015 toyota sienna birmingham, al
Finding the best family car means more than just counting seat belts and cup holders. Even what qualifies as a "family car" isn't so clear cut these days. A 2015 Toyota Sienna offers many family-friendly features which makes it a great option for a family vehicle. A Toyota’s roomy interior allows... [read more]

What’s The Difference Between A Tacoma Access and Double Cab?

Toyota Tacoma
Tacoma Access vs. Tacoma Double Cab How are the two vehicles different Space The Double Cab is the more spacious of the two varieties and could be called an Extended Cab Tacoma. The Access Cab, also know as the regular cab Tacoma, lacks the rear bulkhead storage, the 60/40 split rear seat and... [read more]