Disc Golf For Beginners

A Disc Golf Putter in a Disc Golf Basket in a Tree Area/Park at Sunset

Are you looking for a way to get outdoors, burn some energy, and hang out with friends all at the same time? Disc golf is a great way to do it all and is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. Whether you are more laid back and want to play as a hobby, or you’re more competitive and want to get more involved, the options are limitless with disc golf. Check out a local course and strike up a game or join a competitive league, right here in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Basics

There are 7,500 disc golf courses in the United States today, making the enjoyable sport easily accessible for most. It is played everywhere from rural towns to city centers. Disc golf is played like traditional golf, with frisbee-like discs aiming for baskets instead of holes. The object of the game is to land the disc in each of the baskets with the fewest number of throws. One of the great things about disc golf is that it requires little equipment. You really only need a few discs to play. There are three types of disc golf discs, including the Driver, Midrange, and Putter. Each of these has their own unique purpose and are good to have for each stage of the game. The Putter is the best option to have for your first disc while learning the game.

The Course

The unique part of disc golf courses is that the terrain can be spread out and filled with challenges. These courses are usually made where other activities can’t be played, like in a wooded area or on slopes. The courses are made up of 9-18 baskets, similar to golf courses. Players will start at the first basket and play in order through the last basket.


There are several leagues in town you can join. including the Trussville League, Inverness League, and George Ward League. You can also join tournaments that are held throughout the year, like the Magic City Mega Bowl that took place in June.

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Find a Course

When you are ready, find a local course to get in some practice and breathe in the fresh air. Below are some of the most popular disc golf courses in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

  • Inverness Disc Golf Park
  • George Ward Park Disc Golf Course
  • Clay Disc Golf Course
  • Magnolia Links Disc Golf Course
  • Greg Carter Memorial Disc Golf Course (“Carter”)
  • Pinson Bicentennial Park
  • Veterans Park Disc Golf Course

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