Get to Know the RAV4’s Entune Navigation System Functions

The 2015 Toyota RAV4 offers a premium Entune audio and in-dash navigation system. Navigating a new navigation system can be intimidating, but here are a few tips to get started piloting your RAV4 from Limbaugh Toyota and beyond.

You Can Always Go Home Again

The place you’ll probably be going most often is Home, so preset your navigation system to direct you Home without having to put in the address every time.

  1. Select the Set Up gear icon and then press the Navigation icon to get started.
  2. Tap Home and Set Home to put in an address, and select Address. For security reasons, don’t put in your actual home address. Choose a familiar address near your home, like a grocery store or gas station.
  3. Select and type in the address, starting big with State, then City, then Street, and finally Number. When typing the street name, leave out prefixes like North or S. The system will suggest all the variations and let you choose the right one.
  4. After OK-ing the Home number, make sure the address is correct and hit Enter.
  5. Choose and Icon to represent your Home address for easy selection, and hit OK.

    RAV4's Entune Navigation System

Choose Your Map Layout

Your navigation system has several different layout options. Maybe you want to know what direction you’re heading; there’s a Compass mode. What turn is coming up after this one? There is a Turn List option. You can even see a list of upcoming Freeway Exits. Under Navigation Options, tap Map Mode and select from several different layout possibilities.

Don’t Miss a Beat of Live Radio

Do you need to take a phone call, but want to hear the radio show? Are you going through a drive-thru, but don’t want to miss the next song? Caché Radio, a navigation feature, features a pause function that records the last 20 minutes of live FM/AM radio for playback. As long as the RAV4 stays on, you stay tuned in.

General Settings Is Your Friend

A lot of your basic customization needs you can handle through General Settings. From this screen you can change the time, turn off the Beep, and even change the Color Theme. If you don’t want your screen to change from the audio display to the navigation display, uncheck Auto Change to Home Screen. Make your experience what you want from this page.

Play around with your navigation system in your driveway, and you’ll be comfortable with it on the road. Visit Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama to learn more about the 2015 RAV4 Entune Navigation System.

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