Do You Need To Check Your Coil Springs This Season?

Shock Absorber and Spring in a car

Maintaining  your vehicle requires you to follow a maintenance schedule. Routine maintenance tasks like oil changes and and filter replacements can be scheduled based on mileage. Your vehicle will likely notify when many of these tasks are due. There are less frequent areas of maintenance that you should keep an eye on, like your coil springs. Learn when to check your coil springs below.

What Are Coil Spring?

Coil springs are an integral part of your suspension system. They’re made of an wound metal and they’re formed in the shape of a spiraling helix. What do they do? They compress and absorb the shock from road impacts minimizing disturbance to the body of the vehicle. In essence, your coil springs are what keep your from bouncing out of your seat every time you roll over a dip in the road.

How Can You Tell If Your Coil Springs Are Failing?

If your coil springs are broken or failing there are several signs and symptoms. If you notice any of the indication below, seek the help of a professional mechanic, in a repair shop or service center you trust.

  • You vehicle is sagging.
  • The wear on your tires has increased.
  • You notice noise coming from the underside of your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle is bouncing more than it has in the past.
  • Your vehicle has started to sway when you’re driving.

Things To Know About Your Coil Springs

Coil springs are one of the components of most vehicles that last a very long time. In fact, most will last for the entirety of your vehicle’s lifespan. Driving habits and the environment in which a vehicle is operated has an huge impact on whether or not coil springs wear down before the vehicle is retired. Dirt kickup and high amounts of water can increase wear and tear on your coil springs, but you can protect against these environmental conditions by installing wheel well liners and splash guards. If a coil spring breaks or becomes worn down, you shouldn’t drive your vehicle until the damage is repaired.

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Where to Get Coil Spring Services In Birmingham, AL

If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms of broken or worn coil springs, make an appointment at Limbaugh Toyota service center. If your coil springs are in good repair and you want to keep them that way your can purchase protective accessories from our parts center.

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