Easy DIY Pantry Ideas You Will Love

Wooden shelves in pantry for food storage, grain products in storage jars

When you have a dedicated pantry, you can stockpile food, allowing you to save money. A pantry also makes it easy to see what food you have on hand. A quick glance will show you what you need to pick up at the grocery store or what you can make for dinner. Not all homes include built-in pantries, but that’s not a problem. Create your own with one of these DIY pantry ideas.

Make a Pantry Out of a Bookcase

A bookcase makes an excellent foundation for a DIY pantry. While you can simply put your food on the bookcase, consider dressing it up by adding trim and doors. It will look great and allow you to stockpile loads of food.

Convert a Closet

Does your home have a closet with a sliding or bi-fold door? If so, you can turn it into a pantry easily. Add some shelving to the closet, and then it will be ready to store your food. While any closet can work, it’s best to choose one that’s close to the kitchen. Then, you won’t have to run all over the house whenever you need to get to the pantry.

Store Food Under the Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, consider adding a pantry to the underside of the stairwell. Many homeowners treat this as dead space, meaning they don’t do anything with it. Converting the dead space into a pantry will make your home more functional, and it will also enhance the looks. Simply add some shelves under the stairwell, and you’ll be ready to stock up on food.

Put Shelves in a Nook

Does your house have a nook or a step back? If so, you can use that space to create a pantry. Put some shelves against the wall. The new pantry will fill up the nook and look like it came with the home. If any of your friends also have nooks in their home, they might copy the design because it looks great and is functional.

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Turn Your Cabinets Into a Pantry

Did you know that you can turn your existing cabinets into a pantry? Put slide-out drawers inside one of the cabinets. Then, you can put food in the drawers. When you need to check your supply, just slide out the drawers and have a look. This DIY option will allow you to add a pantry to your kitchen without changing the look. No one will know you have a pantry unless they open the cabinets.

These DIY pantry ideas are easy to incorporate. You don’t even have to be terribly handy to do them. Choose the best idea for your home, and then add a pantry today!