What is Toyota SmartDeviceLink?

Toyota SmartDeviceLink

Toyota has officially announced that it has entered into an agreement with Ford and Livio to implement SmartDeviceLink, an open source infotainment platform for in-car smartphone connectivity. There are many platforms for infotainment, but what is SmartDeviceLink and what sets it apart?

SmartDeviceLink is designed to connect your smartphone and its apps to your in-car interfaces. SmartDeviceLink makes listening to music, using apps, and navigation easy and quick. Simply put, SmartDeviceLink allows drivers to interact with their mobile apps through the dashboard buttons, displays and voice recognition features in their Toyota vehicles. SmartDeviceLink was developed as a safer and more secure in-car smartphone connectivity service. SmartDeviceLink better matches individual vehicle features, which is the advantage that Toyota can offer its customers.

SmartDeviceLink is not only an app interface, but it also is a safety feature. Many accidents and crashes happen each year due to drivers trying to make a phone call, text, or find music on their phones. With SmartDeviceLink and voice recognition, making calls and finding tunes can be done hands free, and even eyes free! This is much safer than trying to scroll through contacts and songs while driving.

SmartDeviceLink, which can be customized to match each carmaker’s in-car system characteristics and interface, was originally developed by Ford, which uses its own version of the software called AppLink as part of its larger SYNC platform. Toyota will be the first carmaker to adopt SmartDeviceLink.

Toyota doesn’t want to only support a single technology and lose potential customers just because they don’t have the right phone. SmartDeviceLink gives manufacturers more flexibility in altering the interface to distinguish themselves from other manufacturers that also support this standard. With Android Auto and CarPlay there is no choice in which smartphone the car will connect with. SmartDeviceLink makes sure that customers can use it no matter what smartphone they use.

All in all, SmartDeviceLink is an excellent interface that will make your Toyota driving experience safer and better all around. Come see our selection of vehicles with SmartDeviceLink technology at Limbaugh Toyota!

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