Try Out One Of These DIY Fall Crafts

Mother and son carving pumpkin for Halloween holiday

It’s officially October, which means for the next several months, you will be in home decor mode. From fright night decor for Halloween to pumpkin patch-themed patterns, to Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas trees, there’s a lot to creatively plan for. Instead of running to the store and dropping hundreds of dollars on cheap and overpriced decorations, check out this list of DIY crafts! You will fall in love with the endless possibilities.

Embroidery Thread Pumpkin

Do you love pumpkins, but they throw off your home aesthetic? Fear not! Now, you can fill your home with pumpkins that fit your color scheme. First, paint the pumpkin the color of your choice, whether that is black, white, or pink. Then, all you have to do is wrap yarn around the pumpkin and secure the ends with hot glue. Your home will be filled with pretty pumpkins, all thanks to this hack!

Gold Mini Wreath

The outside of your door needs some decor love too, and what better way to accessorize your entryway than with a gold wreath? First, you will arrange mini pumpkins along a pre-made wreath. Secure with glue, and spray with gold spray paint. Now, you have door decor for the years to come. The best part? You can use this from September to November until it’s time to switch out to your garland wreath for Christmas.

Dip Candles

Taper candles offer a special kind of romance and ambiance, especially around the dinner table and in the living room. Spice up the basic white candles by dipping them into melted crayons. We suggest shades of orange and yellow. Allow time for them to dry, and then, you will have fall-themed candles, perfect for your home.

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Pumpkin Pots

Why fill your flowers in vases when you can plant them in pumpkin pots? Head to the pumpkin patch to pick out a few cute, mini pumpkins, and come home to carve out the inside. After being completely cleaned out, put the bottom of a cut water bottle in the pumpkin, and fill it with your favorite autumn blooms – dahlias, mums, ranunculuses, you name it!