Five Tips To Keeping Your House Warm

Teenage sisters laying in bed with a heavy blanket

The fall is over and winter has arrived, so now it’s time to start preparing for the drop in temperatures. Check out these five tips to keep your home warm this winter.

Draught-Proof Your Home

A draught in your home can cause you to feel cold. Here are some tips to avoid it. Look for any gaps in your windows and doors that may be allowing cold air to enter. You might need to change the sealant or add a draught excluder. Perhaps even add some curtains!

Make Sure Your Timing is Right

Nothing is more annoying than returning home to a cold house. That said, you don’t want to be heating the entire house all day long either. Check how often your heating comes on and if it’s at times most convenient for you. Schedule it to come on a couple of times a day, for 10 to 20 minutes, even when you’re not there. As a result, you will prevent the house getting too cold, and you will save on your electricity bill.

Embrace Blankets

When you and your partner can’t agree on a thermostat temperature, or you’re still cold after blocking out draughts with clothes, try staying warm under a blanket.

Update Your Windows

Old windows are a common problem for houses, but one that can be fixed. Have a look at your windows. Ideally, they should be replaced after ten years. Heat will escape if a seal, frame, or glass is broken. If you can afford it, replacement windows are an excellent option.

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Lay Down Rugs

Cold floors can leave your feet feeling chilly. But what can you do when the budget is tight, and there’s no way to install new flooring? Placing a rug in critical areas where you spend the most time is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your floors warm.

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