How To Plan An Easter Egg Hunt For The Kiddos

family on an egg hunt for Easter

Did you know that Easter egg hunts have been part of American celebrations since the 1800s? Even though they’ve occurred for generations, you can still run into some problems when organizing one. That won’t be the case if you follow these tips for planning an Easter egg hunt, though. Then you’ll throw something together that’ll delight the kids and adults alike.

Decorate for the Easter Egg Hunt

You want to set the tone for the celebration, so hang some Easter decorations to prepare for the main event. Start by hanging a spring wreath on your front door to mark the occasion, and put some pastel balloons outside to add pops of color. Also, cover the snack tables with pastel-colored tablecloths, followed by colorful streamers. Everyone will be in the Easter spirit after taking in your décor.

Prepare the Eggs

Next, it’ll be time to prepare the eggs. If you want to use real eggs, make them a week early to avoid having to rush on the big day. You can also use plastic eggs to make things a bit easier. They can hold up in the warm weather, so you won’t have to worry about a rotten smell if the kids don’t find an egg or two. Plus, you can hide prizes inside the eggs, adding to the excitement.

Hide the Easter Eggs

You’ll be ready to hide the Easter eggs next. You can hide them all in one area if the kids are around the same age. However, if there are large age gaps, divide your yard into zones. Then you can hide the eggs in easy-to-find places for the small kids while giving the older kids more of a challenge. When you do it like this, even teenagers can participate.

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Set Up Games

You can keep the fun going well after the last egg is found by setting up some Easter games. Choose from indoor and outdoor Easter games and activities for your family to enjoy. Then you can celebrate all day long without anyone getting bored.

Your Easter egg hunt will go off without a hitch when you follow these tips. Keep them in mind for this Easter and the next so you can have stress-free egg hunts with your family.

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