Lease 2014 4Runner in Birmingham

Do you know about the benefits of leasing a 2014 4Runner in Birmingham? At Limbaugh Toyota, we’re here to help. Here are a few reasons you’ll love leasing your 2014 4RUNNER:

  1. With little to no down payment, you can drive the new 2014 4RUNNER sooner than you think.
  2. Low monthly payments? Yes! Lease a Toyota and only pay for the limited depreciation. That’s right- lease a brand new Toyota for around 50% less per month than traditional financing.
  3. And how about the latest and greatest new Toyota technology packages? Thanks to a short term lease, you can be the envy of all Birmingham while out and about enjoying some of the coolest tech in town.

So visit our website today and check out our new 2014 4Runner inventory. At Limbaugh Toyota, we’ll help you select the Toyota for your budget and lifestyle. See you there.