The Limbaugh Toyota Collision Center Can Help

Car lifted in a collision center

Getting into a car accident is one of the most stressful things a person can experience. Therefore, you want to ensure your vehicle receives the proper repairs, so you need to schedule an appointment at a Toyota Authorized Collision Center. Limbaugh Toyota Collision Center is Central Alabama’s only Toyota Authorized Collision Center. If you own a Toyota or a Scion, rest assured that your vehicle will be repaired to Toyota’s stringent standards when you bring it here. Learn more about the Limbaugh Toyota Collision Center in Birmingham, Alabama, and schedule an appointment today!

Alabama’s No. 1 Toyota Parts Dealer

The Limbaugh Toyota Collision Center is the No. 1 Toyota part’s dealer in Alabama. The dealership has the largest selection of Toyota-certified parts in the state. Our technicians can handle repairs that require parts much faster than other collision centers. If your vehicle needs a new part, Limbaugh Toyota likely already has it in stock and can quickly get you in and out. That beats waiting days or weeks for a part to come into the shop.

Technicians Use the Top Measurement and Diagnostic Tools Available

As a Toyota-authorized collision center, Limbaugh Toyota has the top measurement and diagnostic tools available. The Toyota-trained technicians use these tools to handle an assortment of repairs. They can fix damage caused by serious accidents and restore vehicles to near-perfect conditions. While it’s impossible to go back in time and prevent the accident from happening, this will allow you to move beyond the wreck and enjoy your Toyota.

Limbaugh Toyota Will Communicate With Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company might try to get you to go to a specific collision center. However, you are in full control of the decision. If you choose Limbaugh Toyota Collision Center, our team will work directly with your insurance company. We can get answers to your questions and handle all of the paperwork. Instead of spending your days talking to insurance agents, you can just speak to a Toyota technician. The technician will relay the information and help you navigate the process. This will alleviate the stress and speed up the repair process.

Lifetime Warranty on All Repairs and Painted Services

The Limbaugh Toyota Collision Center stands behind its work. We provide a free lifetime warranty on repairs and painted services. The team will explain the warranty to you when you bring your Toyota in for repairs. This warranty will give you peace of mind after you get back on the road.

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Schedule Your Appointment Today

Scheduling a service or repair with the Limbaugh Toyota Collision Center is easy. Download the documents on our website. After you fill them out, go back to the website and schedule your appointment online. Then, bring your vehicle to Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama. It won’t be long before your vehicle is road-ready!