Make A Difference This Holiday Season

The holiday season is nigh upon us, which means that the vast majority of people are soon to be in the giving spirit. If you fall in that category, be aware that there are a plethora of charitable organizations out there that have trouble filling open volunteer spots. So, forgo volunteering for those organizations that are swamped with help, and instead, look to help those organizations that truly need a helping hand. With that, here are a few organizations that could use your help.

Animal Shelters

The holiday season isn’t just for people; animals need some love too. As such, many animal shelters could use a hand. Help could come in the form of extra food or just spending some time with the animals. Some shelters will allow you to take an animal out for a day of fun. If this sounds of interest to you, reach out to a local animal shelter and ask how you can help. You never know, you might just end up adopting a furry friend.

Donate Used Clothes

Chilly days and cold nights are upon us. If you think it’s cold outside as you walk about tucked inside your coat, just imagine what it’s like having no cold-weather gear and no place to go. A good way to donate used coats is through the Warm Coats Warm Hearts Drive, which is sponsored by the Burlington Coat Factory and Good Morning America. It doesn’t just have to be a coat. Peruse donation locations throughout your community for additional information.

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Helping Out Your Community

All it takes is an online search for help needed throughout the community. There are all kinds of ways to help, including a neighborhood clean-up project, giving assistance to the homeless, or even spending time with the elderly. If you wish to donate money, Hand Up is a good website to use to give financial assistance directly to the homeless. You can donate to specific people and then see how that money affects that person’s life. Most of your money will go toward transportation and education.