Cherish Hometown Treasures With Picture Birmingham!

Scene overlooking Birmingham street with Vulcan statue mural

As a Birmingham or surrounding area resident, it can be easy to get lost in the day-to-day matters and forget what makes this city so special. From the Vulcan statue to the color tunnels to the Rotary Trail Sign, Birmingham is booming with landmarks and sights to see at every corner. If you’re one of the ones who tend to forget the special little elements that make this the Magic City, we know just the thing to reignite that spark of excitement you know Birmingham can bring. Keep reading on to find out how you can take a piece of the Magic City around with you wherever you go!

Picture Birmingham

The woman behind the camera, Rachel Callahan, has lived in Birmingham her entire life. While her talent speaks for itself in each of her photos, what really sets her images apart from the rest is the love for Birmingham that is clear as day from the other side of the lense.

With around 10,000 images to choose from, Picture Birmingham gives residents and fans of the city a way to cherish and admire their own home in a physical form. Just take a look at all of the options and ways to turn them into tangible moments.

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Picture This…

…being able to order photos of your favorite Birmingham landmarks, and having all of the proceeds go to a great cause! Well, you don’t have to just picture it, you can actually make it happen when you purchase any print, notecard, canvas, pillow, calendar, or notebook. Not only do you get the item, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing that all of the profits from the sale are going to The Wellhouse ministries. The prints, to name just a few, feature striking scenes ranging from the Alabama Theater to the city skyline. If you have a favorite spot in town, she’s captured it for you.

Anxious to get your hands on an item? Browse the site and see what you might want as a gift this holiday season, or better yet, pick out something special for your loved ones!