Safety Tips For Every Carpool Driver

kids going to school

It’s almost back to school time, and many parents turn to carpool to get kids to school. Carpooling is a convenient way to get the kids on time while sharing the burden and cost. However, many parents worry if carpooling is a safe option for their children. Here are some important safety tips that every carpool driver can use.

Have a Discussion Ahead of Time

If you’re the designated carpool driver, or if a group of parents is going to take turns, gather everyone involved and have a discussion. This talk is your chance to establish expectations about using seat belts or booster seats and where the younger children will sit. You might assume that everyone will follow the same safety guidelines, but sometimes other parents may surprise you. Have an honest discussion about what everyone expects so everyone is on the same page.

An Emergency List

Hopefully, accidents and emergencies don’t happen, but you should be prepared if they do. When you have your parent discussion or shortly after, make a list of emergency contacts for the children who will be carpooling. If you are rotating driving duties, ensure that everyone has a copy of the list. Don’t rely on kids to remember numbers, especially if they are having a medical event.

Using Car Seats and Boosters

Stay up-to-date on laws on car seats and booster seats. Things have changed a lot over the years based on multiple studies and extensive data. Ensure that younger children have the correct car seat for their age, height, and weight. In addition, if you are unfamiliar with the car seat model, ask the parent to demonstrate how to install and adjust the seat safely.

Put It in Writing

Whether you have one designated driver or you’re rotating between parents, put the carpooling schedule in writing and share it with everyone. You can use something as simple as Google Docs or create a calendar – whatever works for you. In addition, include pickup and drop-off times and the usual order. It may also help to supply a map of the route you’ll take.

Make Your Car Carpool Safe

Check the inside of your car for anything that could become dangerous. Sometimes sudden stops are unavoidable, and loose items can fly through the vehicle, becoming projectiles. In addition, curious hands will want to pick up everything within reach. It’s a good idea to tidy up the car before the kids get in, so there are fewer things that can get in the way of a safe ride.

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Get Them There Safely

Finally, you may want an inspection or a tune-up for your car before you take on carpooling. At Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama, our service technicians can thoroughly inspect your vehicle. Make an appointment today, and you’re sure to drive the carpool safely.

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