Check Out These New Birmingham Restaurants

women eating at restaurant

Alabamians love great food, and the incredible range of restaurants in Birmingham reflects that love. And when it comes to restaurants, the more, the merrier. So, when a new place opens up, it’s a good opportunity to get out and sample new flavors with friends and family. Check out these new Birmingham restaurants, and stop by soon.

Choose The Goose

The Goose is a sports bar with unique and flavorful menu items like the Hot Head Burger. You’ll love the warm and spicy combo of jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, and savory chipotle mayo. If you want something more adventurous, ask for the ghost pepper sauce they’ve worked on, but be prepared for next-level spiciness. In addition, you can roll in for a later dinner and relax or cheer your favorite team since they’ve always got a game on.

Hey, June Coffee

There’s something comforting about a neighborhood coffee shop. Jimmy Truong, an Alabama native, founded his coffee roasting company not too long ago, so June Coffee feels like a natural extension. Get your morning started right by stopping between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. with the freshest coffee brews and a tasty pastry.

Try Tasty Town Greek Restaurant

If you’re near Railroad Park, head to Tasty Town Greek Restaurant. It offers authentic Greek food featuring Southern seasonal ingredients. You’ll find all your traditional favorites. These include pillow-soft pita, fire-grilled souvlaki, and fresh dips, herbs, and vegetables, completing every plate.

Seek Out SOCU Southern Kitchen and Oyster Bar

SOCU’s first location is in Mobile, but now Birmingham can take advantage of their unparalleled dedication to Southern dishes and delicious seafood. Down-home meets decadent with fried lobster deviled eggs and Cajun lamb lollipops. And even the food that seems simple is full of flavor and designed to hit the spot. Dine at SOCU Southern Kitchen and Oyster Bar in the Pizitz Food Hall every day but Tuesday.

Sweet Tooths Satisfied at K & J’s Elegant Pastries

Don’t listen to anyone who says several pastries don’t make a meal. Just send them to K & J’s. While there, you’ll want to grab one of their ridiculously-huge milkshakes, and if there’s room, get a cupcake or three to go. In fact, your biggest problem will be deciding what to try the first time and how soon you can get back for more.

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Glad You’re Back, Giuseppe’s Café

Giuseppe’s isn’t brand-new, but they are back after some construction work on the building. You’ll find Giuseppe’s Cafe in the Glen Iris neighborhood, and it’s worth the trip for the incredibly filling Italian food. However, seating is limited, with only a few tables inside and outside. So grab one if you can, or order and take your delicious food home.

In Birmingham, you’ll never be able to complain that there’s nothing to eat. This city is full of delicious choices, so your only question will be, which direction do we drive?

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